Best Sleeping Positions For Couples. Top 10 Sleeping Positions For Couples with Photos

Welcome onboard everyone. In this article, you will discover the best sleeping positions for couples and their meanings. If you are ready, we are already set. So, let’s get started asap! But before, then take a look at the few questions below.

What does the sleeping position between you and your spouse tells about your relationship? Maybe you want to ask: What is the best sleeping position for couples? Do you back each other while lying on the same bed? Do you lie face down or face up? Or do you cross legs and hands while sleeping? Read on to find details about your sleeping position and it’s meaning to your relationship.

Best sleeping positions for couples
Best sleeping Positions for couples

The Importance of Couples Sleeping on the Same Bed

As couples, you must understand the importance of sleeping on the same bed with your partner and the impending dangers of not doing so in this 21st century. In this article, I will only talk about sleeping positions for couples and their meanings. We shall discuss the impending dangers of couples sleeping on a separate bed in another article.

You see, there are special moments shared when couples lie down on the same bed to keep each other warm. Taking a good sleeping position is a wonderful experience for both old and new couples. You get those feelings of; being loved, you will experience gentle touches all over your body, cuddling and tangling of legs, arms crossing over each other, kissing and romance, the act of telling stories about how activities of the day played out, and lots more. Interestingly, the list of what happened in the bedroom is inexhaustible.

There is a special feeling of warmth and comfort when couples rub bodies together on the same bed. You see, the joy and pleasure of sleeping on the same bed as couples can only be experienced when everything seems going right in your relationship.

Let me ask you; How do you feel, when your spouse turns his/her face to the wall while lying on the same bed with you? How happy are you when he/she is lying face down, and continually pressing his/her mobile phone without giving you the needed attention? Such incidences might indicate that something is going wrong in your relationship that needs to be fixed to reignite that romance and sexual feelings in the bedroom.

Today, you need to learn new tricks to improve your relationship, sex life, and be on top of the game. Due to the society we live in, it is almost a taboo to talk about sex in the open even amongst the married and eligible singles. But today, I will spill the beans by revealing sleeping positions for couples and their meanings. Also, Read: How Do I Know I Have Loose Vagina?

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TANGLING: This is the most common position for young couples and new lovers. They just seem not to get enough of each other and they are super excited to be together. In this position, you place your arms or legs on your spouse even while you’re asleep just to make him/her feel your presence and probably think more about you even while asleep.

This sleeping position is a sign of a happy relationship. So, you too can try it out with your spouse tonight just to reignite that romance in bed. Maybe he/she has missed it for too long and will be so happy to see you put your hand or leg over him/her.

SPOON POSITION: This sleeping position for couples indicates romance and excitement in the bedroom. In this case, couples lie down touching each other’s bodies. If you haven’t been sleeping with your partner in this position, you need to try out tonight. It will make your man think twice and would want to have more of you.

BACK TO BACK: This sleeping position indicates that there’s an internal crisis going on in your relationship. In this case, the quarrels are not spoken out, there’s a huge communication gap between the couples. Because the crisis is internal and mostly unspoken, partners keep mute and tend to mind each other’s business even while sleeping on the same bed.

Their bodies never made contact and one may decide to sleep on the floor should any attempt be made to establish contact. The best solution to this situation is to open up a communication channel and talk about the situation. It won’t cost any hurt to apologize, no matter who’s wrong. At least you both need a happy home.

FACE DOWN: Depending on what led to the situation, couples sleeping in this position may just try to avoid communication. This is the best position for someone chatting with other friends or colleagues on social media and may want to avoid distractions/communication with his/her spouse.

In cases like this, it’s best to ask your partner in a polite manner if everything is alright. It sometimes shows that your partner is anxious, not feeling comfortable with your presence or just feel ignored by you. The best way is to change your sleeping position, and drop your phone or whatever else you’re doing to give your partner the attention needed in the bedroom.

You can draw him/her close to yourself or placed your booty (bum-bum) close to his lover area to send him signals and cause arousal. If there’s no quarrel going on, he will respond instantly and give you the love you deserve. Don’t Mix This Article: Best Relationship Advice For Married and Single Women.

HEAD ON CHEST: Mainly this is the best sleeping position for women when lying down with their man. It could be at the moment of watching movies or just feeling relaxed. Sometimes it happens when you are telling stories or having a quiet discussion with your spouse. 

On the other hand, men sometimes placed their heads on the spouse’s chest area just to play with your boobs and make her feel excited. In whichever way it happened, it’s always a good moment to enjoy and a feeling of submissiveness.

FACE TO FACE: This is a common sleeping position for couples. Getting to look at each other’s face, smile, and breath on each other. This sleeping position is the easiest way to bring about sexual arousal in the bedroom. Couples sleeping in this position more often at times have sex compared to those sleeping in other positions.

What’s more pleasant in the bedroom than seeing your partner share the same breath with you? Absolutely nothing. Be sure to clean up yourself and have a good breath. Otherwise, your bad breath may irritate your spouse and turn him/her off.

SPREADING YOURSELF TO OCCUPY MORE SPACE: This isn’t a healthy sign in a relationship. This is a common practice amongst men. They try to use this as a dominant factor to punish their spouse when not happy. They lie on the bed with their two legs wide opened while also snoring to key the woman away from their presence.

If the lady managed to stay on the same bed, she will have to endure a sleepless night or occupy a little corner on the bed. The best way to handle this is to try and apologize to your spouse and see if you can possibly turn him on by touching the sensitive parts of his body.

But if he reacts angrily which is unlikely, pulse for a while and, try to establish communication with him. If things didn’t work out, relax and let him be, at least you still have other nights to sort things out.

PLACING PILLOW ON CHEST: Except you’re new in a relationship, you would have experienced this several times. How do you deal with issues like this? I once had a similar experience like this with my man.

I was on the same bed with him but he just lost interest in holding me close to himself. Instead, he held on to the pillow and there was a gap between us. I thought about it for a while and I was worried because he didn’t respond to all attempts I made to get his attention.

I stood up for a while, use the bathroom and took a shower, I wear body spray and perfume on my body and returned back to the bed without saying a word or touching him.  A few minutes later, I felt a touch rubbing my chest and going down to my Vagina.

I pretended to have slept off. But when I turned to his position I discovered he was already aroused and we had the best of that night. You can apply this trick whenever you feel you’re not getting the needed attention. It works like magic.

LEG HUGGING AND CUDDLING: What I miss most when my man is away is the opportunity to cuddle with him and wrap myself around him. This is a great feeling especially if your kids live in a separate room. It provides you the opportunity to wrap your spouse, tinkle him/her and kiss each other. It is a good sleeping position for happy couples.

Don’t let anything take away the joy of sharing a bed with your spouse, settle your quarrels and whatever differences you may have had, before bedtime. If there’s anything to talk about, use that special moment you shared in the bedroom to talk about it, play more in the bedroom and have sex as often as possible because it brings bonds between you and your partner.

SLEEPING ON DIFFERENT BED: This last step is a red flag in any relationship and marriage. Any marriage or relationship at this stage is heading for a breakup or divorce if the underlying factors are not taken care of urgently.

If you have been sleeping with your partner and you suddenly discovered that he/she now prefers to sleep alone in a separate room, you will need to open up communication channels to find out what’s going wrong. With the exception of nursing mothers, who may sometimes lie on a separate bed to care for her little baby, (which is not even advisable), you will need to share the same bed with your spouse every night tighten intimacy. If sleeping on the same bed with your spouse now brings unrest and unnecessary quarrels (drama), talk to a marriage counselor to know the best way to handle your situation as everyone’s condition is different.

Finally, our focus on the post is to show couples the different sleeping positions and what they connote. I hope we have been able to answer some of the lingering questions you may have. but if you need additional information or you want to make a contribution to this post, use the comment section below to air your opinion. Check Out This Awesome Blog Post: How To Tighten Loose Vagina Fast Overnight.

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