Best Relationship Advice For Women: The Top 11 Marriage Advice for Her.

Hello there, if you’re looking for the Best Relationship Advice For Women, or the best relationship advice from a man’s point of view to improve your marriage/relationship, then, you’ve landed in the right place. But, before we go deeper on this topic, I would like to ask you a few questions.

How did you get into your relationship/marriage in the first place? Did you make a conscious decision to get married to your man? Were there plans and agreements between you and your man that will serve as a template for building a healthy relationship? Was your marriage a coincidence? Or did you get married to him because he was the only available option? Now, you don’t have to worry anymore because I have got good news for you. No matter how you got started in your relationship or marriage, help has come your way.

relationship advice for couples

How Did You Get Started In The First Place?

Ideally, the process of building trust and love ought to have come first, before rushing into a relationship, which may eventually lead to marriage. But, a lot of women go into a relationship with a desperate attempt to get married without considering if their partners are ready for marriage or not.

So, this desperation of trying to get married at all costs has led to much unnecessary tension and divorce in marriages as we’ve seen in our society today. Therefore, you must understand that not every relationship necessary leads to marriage.

If you have been married for a couple of years, you would have realized from experience that getting married to the wrong person is a nightmare you don’t find funny. – You see, no matter what you’ve sacrificed to make your relationship or marriage work, it would seem like the rain on a duck’s back.

So, Are There Solutions To Help Improve my Marriage?

Now, you probably want to ask; how long would I have to go on carrying this marital burden? How long do I have to bear the pains I am going through in my marriage or is divorce a better option for me? Once again, we are here to give the best relationship advice for women to save their marriages. So, make sure you read this article to the very end to find all the details you would need.

We have listed the 11 best relationship advice for women/couples to have a successful marriage. These discussions are based on researches and personal opinions. Hence, they don’t define or suggest the general rules for having a successful relationship/marriage. – There are actually no general rules for having a successful marriage. Because we all have different relationship goals. Now, haven’t said that, let’s see how to rekindle love in your marriage or relationship no matter what has happened.

11 Best Relationship Advice For Women To Build a Successful Marriage

Below are the best pieces of relationship advice for women to improve their relationships or marriages from a man’s point of view.


Best relationship advice for women. communicate
Communicate Often with Your Spouse

Effective communication is the bedrock of a successful relationship/marriage. How do you handle challenges whenever issues arise between you and your spouse? Do you go about narrating the incidence to your friends, neighbors and family member?

Do you move about castigating your spouse before everyone else, just because of the wrongs committed? Most often, we have realized that complains don’t resolve marital problems, but effective communication between spouses helps to strengthen marital bonds. Therefore, whenever issues arise between you and your spouse, quickly find a way to resolve them via effective communications in the right way. Just to make things easier for you, we have listed other relationship advice that can help to improve your marriage.

You see, most women often say to me, “my partner wouldn’t listen to me whenever he is angry”. The problem isn’t that he wouldn’t listen to you, but using the wrong communication channel together with the wrong timing would escalate the problem. So, find a way to establish a good rapport with your spouse.

If possible, be mute when you notice your partner is extremely angry. Your silence isn’t a sign of weakness. But it will help to save and strengthen your relationship. You must understand that “two wrongs can’t make a right”. Consider this point as great relationship advice to make your marriage work.

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As you have already known, relationship or marriage involves two persons. Most often, you and your spouse aren’t from the same background, neither were both of you exposed to the same family training. Sometimes, our culture and belief differ. So, respect in a relationship should be earned on both sides. This is a great relationship tip for couples.

But, in today’s world where most men often have egos and demand so much respect from their spouses, it is really difficult to have a crisis-free marriage. So, to make your marriage work perfectly, you will need to be submissive and respect your spouse when necessary.

Please, understand that being in a relationship or marriage isn’t a competition with your spouse. You must have clear goals for your relationship. No one should feel superior or inferior to each other. At least, we all need love and to be loved.


Develop yourself to Improve your relationship.
Learn New Skills To Develop Yourself.

Personal development and improvement in any sphere of life can help to improve your relationship. Don’t be a liability to your spouse, learn new skills to improve yourself and your relationship. Find out what makes your man happy. – What’s his favorite food, and who cooks his favorite meal (maybe his mom, sister, or cousin). Learn how they cook his favorite meal and improve on it.

But you see, most women will not agree with me on this point, yet I will tell you, the easiest way to a man’s heart is to cook a delicious meal that he likes. Let me tell you a secret kept by most men. It’s difficult for the average number of men to say to their spouse(s), they don’t like the taste of their food. – Probably because they don’t want to make you feel bad.

Instead, they eat little and go to the nearest roadside restaurant to satisfy their hunger just to avoid having problems with you. Don’t tell me that this advice is only for young couples, no ma, you will be wrong to say that.

There are large numbers of men that had been married for decades, yet they prefer to eat outside because it’s difficult for them to give negative remarks about your food. Instead, they have decided to swallow the bitter pills just to avoid causing conflict in their homes as a result of food.

You will need to improve yourself domestically and sexually to make a good mother. Also, Read; The Best Sleeping Positions for Couples


This applies to women that believe, it’s the responsibility of a man to provide everything needed in the house. Sometimes ago, I had the privilege to counsel a lady who had this similar issue in her relationship. But she said something so striking that made me mute. She said to me; even the Bible says “a man that cannot provide for his household is worse than an infidel.”

After her ranting and all the blah blah blah! I tried to caution her but she wouldn’t listen to my advice. A few months later, I learned that she had a divorce with her husband. You see, that’s not a good story you will like to emulate. You are reading this article because you want to make your marriage or relationship work.

So, my best relationship advice for women is that you should contribute your quota in moving your family forward. Don’t join the league of idle women, going about gossiping others.

Do the little you can to support your man’s dream. What are his ambitions? Find out and use the bedroom moments to talk about those kinds of stuff. Your little support in the form of encouragement and advice could go a long way to sustain your marriage in the long run, and makes your family happy at large.


It has been said that when the purpose of a matter is not known, its abuse becomes inevitable. Firstly, there should be some dos and don’ts in any relationship. Having relationship rules will help to check and balance your marital life.

Also, having relationship rules can prevent unnecessary arguments and conflicts in your marriage. I wouldn’t want to start an argument here, but let me point this out for clarity purposes. Do you think it’s wise checking your husband’s message inbox and going through his social media account to read his chats?

You see, I and my spouse made a conscious decision to avoid fights and unnecessary arguments resulting from this act. I can confidently tell you that since we adopted this method our relationship grew stronger and better.

You may not totally agree with me on this point, but let me ask you; can you really stop your spouse from cheating if he wants to? – think about it for a moment. So, why causing conflict and confusion to destroy your relationship and family over what happened on the phone?

I don’t in any way support infidelity in marriage or relationship. But once it happens, you will need to apply wisdom in other to save your relationship/marriage and family. Set rules, obey the rules, have respect and value for your spouse.

Setting rules in relationship help to make it stronger and healthier. Whether you like it or not, the more freedom you give to your spouse, together with the respect for his privacy, the better it is for your health and your marriage.


One of the best ways to make your relationship or marriage work is to be tolerant. Marriage isn’t meant for kids, it’s not like tea and butter, it’s like a strong bone meant for the adults.

Tolerance and understanding will make you enjoy your marriage and results in an uninterrupted marital breakthrough. You see, there’s no perfect marriage anywhere. Tolerance and understanding together with effective communication can help to resolve any marital crisis before it escalates.


The best advice for couple is to make financial plans together.
Make Financial plans together with your man.

While it’s sometimes good to surprise your man with gifts, it could be annoying to embark on big projects without the consent of your man. For example, buying a portion of; land, car or a house, without discussing it with your partner could be the beginning of a crisis in your relationship/marriage.

To your spouse, he will feel betrayed, untrustworthy, and somehow irrelevant to you. He may even conclude that you have a hidden agenda and may never want to trust you again.

You see, some men will pretend without showing their remorse, while others will react differently. Therefore, communicate effectively, and make plans with your spouse, because two good heads are better than one.

Warning for you ladies, don’t go about bringing in unrealistic expectations and budgets wherever your man discloses his financial plans to you. – This isn’t the right time to make requests for the purchase of a friend’s wedding clothing materials or stuff like. Our duty is to provide you with the best relationship advice to safe guide your marriage.


The most important relationship advice for a woman is to learn to appreciate your man after sex
Appreciates every Moment Spent with your man.

Men have egos and they like to hear you sing their praise. But the truth is, we all appreciate some levels of recognition – especially when it comes genuinely from someone we love. You see, whether you like it or not, just a little appreciation or kind words can bring more rewards.

So, don’t wait until your man buys you a mansion or a Labogini before you show your gratitude. The best relationship advice you can ever receive from marriage counselors is to learn to appreciate your man. The truth is showing gratitude, can add value to your relationship.

In fact, you can tell him thank you, sir, after satisfying your sexual urge or after spending wonderful moments with him in the bedroom. This little secret could be the missing ingredient in your recipe, that could trigger the magic moment you have long been waiting for in your relationship.

I feel like a superhuman whenever my spouse appreciates my sexual performance with her after intercourse. You can try it with your man tonight and you will see how excited he will feel afterward.


The Best way to build a happy relationship is to mend the bridges.
Couples quarreling

Never hold anything against your man, learn to let go and show more love and respect whenever it’s possible. You see, this post is not about gender equality or gender liberation. Most people who don’t understand culture as a way of the people try to influence our marriage and relationship with pieces of information that aren’t suitable for our environment.

You are reading this relationship blog post because you probably want to know the best relationship advice for women, tips to improve your relationship, how to set relationship goals, and finally how to fix relationship problems in other to build a successful marriage.

Honestly, there are thousands of relationship advice articles already written by experts, some of which advise you to run shoulder to shoulder with your man. But here, we see things differently because we provide the best relationship advice for women from a man’s point of view. We try to teach women how to be submissive to their man considering the prevailing factors in our society.

Should I Let Him Be Boss Over Me?

You see, this post is focused to teach the best relationship advice for women. Therefore, do whatever it takes on your part to make your marriage and relationship work no matter what. Very soon, you will be glad you followed our advice. You may even want to offer me a bottle of wine for showing you the right part to follow. I think I will gladly accept your gift. Lol!

Seriously, when I started a relationship with my spouse, one of the challenging factors I found difficult to let go was “Keeping grudges”. Whenever she did something wrong, I wouldn’t react instantly, but instead, I will wait for her to commit similar errors before confronting her.

Soon, I realized I was hurting myself and my relationship because she wouldn’t even realize she did something wrong. At a point, she got fed up with my attitude and wanted to call off the relationship.

When I realized this, I quickly amended my ways through effective communication. Please, don’t blame me for keeping grudges, maybe I inherited it from my grandpa. lol. Don’t blame your man for this either. It’s natural for men to talk less.

On a serious note, nothing can take the place of effective communication in a relationship. The absence of effective communication in relationships and marriages will cause it to explode and break into pieces. So, don’t wait for it to happen. Be patient, be submissive and learn to avoid any crisis in your marriage by building effective communication channels


Having little or no regard for other members of your husband’s family is like sitting on a time bomb that will explode sooner. Don’t treat them with disregard or disrespect. Your man may know about it and keep mute, but that doesn’t make everything alright.

He’s probably waiting for the right time and the right avenue to manifest what has been laid up in his head. – Have you wondered why he gets angry over minor things in recent times? So, you need to open up and talk.

Let me ask you this; How do you treat your father-in-law and mother-in-law? How do you behave when your husband’s family members visit during the weekend or vacation?

I don’t need to decide for you, ponder about this thought in your heart for a moment and make adjustments when necessary. Be hospitable and try as much to treat them right as you would treat your family members. Soon, you will experience so much joy and happiness in your marriage and family at large.


Sex is one of the best ways to improve your relationship as a woman.
Have sex as often as possible with your man

Don’t be religious, don’t starve your man or deny him access to your Vagina. Sexual intercourse helps to build a bond between couples; – especially when it’s made pleasurable. Some women don’t enjoy having sexual intercourse with their partner, neither do they see sexual intercourse as a uniting force in a relationship for bringing the family together. Also, Read; How Do I Know That I Have Loose Vagina?

To them, sexual intercourse only takes place when they plan to have a baby. Couples should have sex as often as it pleases them.  As couples, you must understand, there’s so much to sexual intercourse than just giving birth to children.

If you don’t find it interesting going down with your man as often as you should, then, you may need to consult a Gynaecologist to carry out a proper medical examination on your Private Parts. You can read this article; The Gynecologist Approved Solution Guide For vagina Dryness.

Best relationship advice to overcome divorce


Finally, I don’t intend to add salt to injury, I wouldn’t mislead you with misguided information to shatter your relationship/marriage that’s already bleeding and begging for breath. If that sounds too harsh, I am sorry but that’s the truth. There’s no way I would do that.

The aim of this article was to provide the best relationship advice for women, in other to build a happy relationship or marriage based on moral philosophy and ideology. Although we live in a modern world, we have our norms and culture. When we follow through these principles revealed in this guide, we could save our relationships and marriages from breakups and divorces. I hope that you found this article helpful about the best relationship advice for women to make their marriages work.

It is time to act right and be prudent. Do your best to practice what you have learned here together with what you’ve already known to build a healthy relationship. Thanks for reading.

If you have enjoyed reading this post, share your thoughts in the comments section and also share this relationship advice blog post with your friends and family members that may benefit from reading it. Thanks for the comments and share. I care about you.





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