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10 causes of breast sagging and how to tighten sagging breasts fast

breast sagging effects

Breast sagging is a natural occurrence in the life of every woman as she grows older in life. It’s the desire of most women to have firm and attractive breasts all through their lives. But, aging and other natural occurrences in life-cycle, such as; menopause, pregnancy, breast size, and certain illness like breast cancer and tuberculosis wouldn’t let that happen.

The two prominent features in a lady’s body that readily attract the opposite sex (male) are the breast and butt; boobies and bum-bum – often called front and backside in the Nigerian circular world. It is a common scene in the movie, and the music industry to see ladies with sexy butt and breasts shake their bodies for entertainment. 

Most women are nervous, due to the sagging nature of their breasts. They want to know the causes, and remedies to sagging breasts, and how to lift fallen breasts naturally without surgery. Most women are continually searching for solutions to make their breast stand or returned to their youthful age as it used to be, after childbirth, menopause, or breastfeeding.

Tight and firm breasts make a lady stands out from the crowd. It makes a lady sexier and attractive to her spouse and other men alike. Having those round oranges in your chest area gives you confidence and high self-esteem. But having a sagging breast, or the bathroom slippers type of breast around your chest makes you look awkward and older than your age as a young lady. I guess that is what you want? So, be ready to follow our recommendations to lift your sagging breasts naturally without surgery.

Although different factors had been highlighted by experts to cause breast sagging in ladies, the most common factors are; Age, pregnancy, burst size, menopause, genetic factors amongst other things. We shall discuss the causes of breast sagging and how to correct them using natural remedies in this article. The methods we discussed here will help to lift sagging breasts, provides better body shape and finally makes your breasts firmer in appearance like that of a teenage girl. Also, read; How Do I Know That I Have a Loose Vagina?

One of the questions I am often asked by ladies is; “can my fallen breasts rise again?” My answer to this question is a capital YES. – a fallen breast or saggy breasts can regain firmness following lay down rules without surgical operations if you follow the natural tips discussed below in this article. Below are the 10 Causes of sagging breasts, or you can call it the 10 causes of fallen breasts, and how to correct them. See the table of contents below for a quick read through.


1. AGING: Age contributes to the shape and appearance of your breasts in many cases. As a teenage girl, having erected breasts with round and succulent nipples is a thing you would wish lasts forever. But as you get older, the shape and size of your breasts begin to change.

Breast sagging usually occurs in late 30s and early 40s in women under normal circumstances – where there are no multiple pregnancies, abortions, and miscarriages. But when a 22 years old girl becomes flappy and saggy in breasts, it becomes a serious concern. To correct this, eat foods that are rich in protein and vitamins, wear a supportive bra to hold your breasts firm, carry out chest exercise and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

2. GENETIC FACTORS: Although it hasn’t been proven scientifically, we believe that gene has a big role to play in the formation of the human body. It’s common for families that are tall to give birth to tall children in many cases, the same could happen to families that have large breasts size. If members of your family have large breasts size, or small size breast type, chances are your breasts shape will take after them.

Although genetic factors may not directly contribute to breast sagging, a lady with a big breast size is prone to have sagging breasts compared to a lady with small or average breast size. So, wear a good fitting bra and carry out chest exercises to tighten your sagging breasts.

3. PREGNANCY: Amongst the common causes of early breasts sagging in women, pregnancy plays out the number one factor. One of the early or late signs of pregnancy is noticed by the shape of a lady’s breast. You see, multiple abortions and miscarriages can also lead to breast sagging in young ladies. Don’t forget that the rate of abortion is higher amongst girls between the ages of 18-25 compared to those, in 25 years and above.

There’s a misconception that breastfeeding contributes to breast sagging; but it has been proven scientifically beyond doubt, that breastfeeding doesn’t have sagging effects on your breast. – The changes that happen to your breast size and shape actually takes place during pregnancy.

Haven’t you noticed how your breasts bump up or change in shape every time you’re pregnant? The changes occur when the ligaments that support the breasts become stretched and heavier to support the baby in the womb. Having a miscarriage or undergoing an abortion when the pregnancy is 3 months or older, will definitely have sagging effects on your breasts.

4. EXCESSIVE WEIGHT LOSS: When a lady undergoes strenuous activities that lead to excessive weight loss, the breast also loses her suppleness and elasticity that helps to make the breast firmer. This activity may lead to breast sagging and cause the shape of your breasts to fall. Pectoral exercise, wearing a supportive bra and eating cucumber may help to readjust the shape of your breasts.

5. BAD POSTURE: Having a bad posture can affect the shape and appearance of your breasts. Ladies who are involved in activities that require them to bend down will most likely have saggy breasts. For example; if you often draw water from the well rather than using a tap, you’re likely to have sagging breasts.

Also, if you often lift heavy objects that tend to make you have a hunched back, for example; carrying a big bowl of water with your two hands over it, may cause your breast to appear saggy or flappy. If you don’t control your shoulder when walking; that’s allowing your shoulder to fall and the inability to walk straight head up may cause your breasts to drop and fall as gravity tends to pull it down.


6. MENOPAUSE: Menopause in women is a shutting down signal that all the organs that support reproduction are gradually feeling the passage of time. Menopause causes the estrogen levels to reduce drastically, as the glandular tissues, responsible for the production of milk shrinks. This drastic reduction in estrogen levels affects skin elasticity thereby causing the breast to drop and appear saggy.

7. BREAST SIZE: While breast sagging isn’t a thing for women with small breasts size at their youthful age, it’s certainly not the same for those with large or medium-sized breasts. You see, breasts are made up of fatty tissue and not muscle. As your breasts become bigger, gravity tends to pull it down. Because there are no muscles in your breasts to help keep them firm, they will certainly have their nipples pointing towards the downside within a short time if care is not taken.

While those with smaller breasts size are going for breast enlargement and taking pills to make their breast bigger, those with large size breast are looking for solutions to reduce their breast or at least, to make them perky or firmer. The solution to this is to be satisfied with your natural endowment.

Doing chest exercises, swimming, wearing a fitted bra and clothes may help to make you appear busty and sexy. You can also use natural products to tighten your sagging breasts. Such as aloe Vera gel and other homemade recipes. We shall discuss the homemade recipes in our subsequent article.

8. HEALTH CHALLENGE: Certain illnesses, such as tuberculosis and breast cancer can weaken the tissues that support breast firmness. When the ligaments and tissues in, or around your breasts are weak, it also causes the skin elasticity to weaken thereby making the breast appear saggy and flappy.

Critical medication and proper follow up is the only way to remedy this problem. Consult your doctor for proper treatment and wear properly fitted bra and push up bra to make you look busty and attractive after surviving the threat of cancer and tuberculosis.

9. SMOKING AND EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL: A lady that smokes is more susceptible to breast sagging than those who don’t smoke. You see, we have highlighted different factors that can contribute to breast sagging, for instance; if we have two ladies of the same body stature, having the same health condition, as well as same living conditions but with a different lifestyle, the one that smokes is susceptible to have sagging breasts.

Even for ladies that have small or average size breasts, but smoke often, they will likely have their nipples pointing towards the downside rather than pointing forward. Also, the consumption of carbonated drinks, alcohol, and nicotine may contribute to breast sagging.

10. YOUR SLEEPING POSITION: The way you lie down on the bed, most often will affect the shape of your breasts. Have you wondered why one part of your breasts is bigger than the other? – Maybe your sleeping position is responsible for that. You see, the side you often position on your bed tends to bear the weight or the force when gravity acts on pulling your breasts. – Because the breast load is not evenly distributed when you lie down side-ward.

The part resting on the bed will tend to absorb the pulling force from the other breast, thereby making it the part resting on the bed to stretch or drop. Also, when you lay Face-down, gravity will tend to pull the breasts forward making them drop or sag easily. The best way to prevent these occurrences is to lay Face-Up while the breasts rest on the pectoral muscle around your chest or wear a good and supportive bra, push up bra, to keep your breasts firm and perking.


Apply the following tips, exercises and homemade recipes to tighten your breasts and prevent them from sagging.

chest and pectoral exercise to tighten sagging breasts

Chest Exercises to Tighten Sagging Breasts

Simple Exercises to Tighten Saggy Breasts


  • Swim often to carry out shoulder and chest exercises.
  • Do push-up exercise
  • Practice arm curling
  • use an ice block to massage your breasts for one minute
  • mix egg yolk and cucumber to make a mask and apply to keep your breasts firm.
  • Use Olive oil to massage your breasts in the night 4 -5 times a week until the desired result is accomplished.


Use this natural premium product to lift sagging breasts, to look younger, and be more attractive even though you’re already 70 years old. Naturaful can make your breasts look perky again. It works like magic for both young and old. Click on the product place order Now at a discounted price for a limited time.



  • Breastfeeding causes breast sagging: This insinuation or believe isn’t true. The changes that occur in your breasts take place during pregnancy not during breastfeeding.
  • Breasts fondly will make your breasts to sag. This belief has no scientific backing. In fact, it’s reported that breast massage makes your breasts firmer and tighter.
  • There are also claims in some quarters that not wearing a bra can make the breast to sag. Also, this belief is not true. A bra can help to lift sagging breasts just to make it temporarily appealing to the eyes, it does not in any way tighten the breast. It’s good to wear a fitted bra that makes you feel comfortable while looking sexy and elegance at the same time.


Finally, if you have any suggestions or ideas that you may like to contribute to this post, feel free to use the comment section below. Also, if you have found this article interesting and educating, kindly share it on your social media accounts such as; Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Thanks for your contributions and responses.



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