Do you want to know how to tighten your vagina naturally at home? This is a question I am often asked by ladies. Or What Are The Best Home Remedies to Tighten Loose Vagina? Others may put it this way;- “What can I use to tighten my vagina? But whether you call it; vag, vagina, Virginia or vajayjay, you are right. So, whichever way you put it, a loose vaginal is often caused by factors such as; Multiple Childbirth, Menopause, and Aging.

Unfortunately, most women that have loose vagina usually experience low sensation during sexual intercourse. Also, women with a loose vagina, are more likely to experience urinary incontinence. – They usually pee or feel wet on their undies whenever they cough, sneeze or laugh. This condition is prevalent in women above the age of 50. There are a few cases, where women in younger age suffer similar conditions to urinary incontinence. Fortunately, you can take steps to tighten your vagina using simple exercises and premium quality vagina tightening products.

Do I Really Need to Tighten My Vagina?

You can tighten your vagina no matter how wide or weird it has become. A loose vagina is nothing to worry about. But if you feel weird in your vagina, or you realized you and your partner no longer enjoy sexual intercourse as it used to be. Then, you would need to take action to step up your game, and tighten your vagina. There are natural products that can tighten your vagina like that of an 18-year-old girl.

You may also need to communicate with a gynaecologist for medical and professional advice. You can also do simple pelvic exercises to tighten your vagina and to strengthen your vagina muscles.  You may want to ask; What are the best home remedies to tighten your vagina? Read this article to the end to find out. Now, let’s discuss the three (3) best ways to tighten your vagina via simple exercises. If you’re in a hurry, click on the links in the table of contents to fast forward. 

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Vagina Exercises: The 3 Most Effective Exercises To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

Needs to know how to tighten your vag overnight using exercises? Read this part carefully. You see, the vaginal muscles can become loose due to several factors such as; childbirth and some medical conditions. You see, as a young woman, the muscles in your vagina can become fatigued due to multiple childbirth and improper childbirth spacing. So, your vagina may undergo several changes as you grow old. Fortunately, no matter your age or stage in life, you can tighten your vagina in other to increase sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

You can keep your vagina young, and fresh as often as possible.  Unfortunately, most women have little or no idea about how to tighten their vagina without surgery, or using harsh chemical products to wash their most treasured part (vagina). We have listed the best exercises and products for you to tighten your vagina. You may also need to read the 10 Causes of Sagging Breasts and How to Tighten Sagging and Flapping Breasts Fast.

You see, you can tighten your vagina by going under the knife (vaginoplasty), but the tightening and reconstruction of the vagina through surgery could cost a lot of money.

So, if you are looking for a natural way to tighten your vagina or pelvic muscles, we are here to help you. So, Pelvic Floor Exercises in women can help you tighten the muscles by strengthening the vaginal walls. Therefore, below are three (3) best vagina exercises for women. 

Kegel Exercise For Women To Tighten Vagina

Tighten your vagina, using Intimate Rose Kegel exercise system.

Tighten your Vagina with Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System.

Kegel is one of the best exercises to tighten your vagina. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor surrounding the vagina which sometimes becomes loose during childbirth delivery. These muscles usually loosen up due to age and childbearing. But, because kegel exercise focuses on the pelvic regions in women, it helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support – the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum.

Kegel exercise also helps to deal with urinary incontinence (mainly suffered by women in their old age), and Episiotomy (a process in which women had a cut on their private part during childbirth delivery).

You might not understand how those processes are accomplished, because you are not a medical practitioner. But you can derive a huge vagina’s health benefits by carrying out simple Kegel exercises to tighten your vagina, also known as pelvic floor muscle training. Now, let’s see how to practice kegel exercise -;

How To Practice Kegel Exercise: Kegel exercise has been proven to help women tighten their loose vagina and to help them regain confidence after engaging in it for a couple of months. Yet, experts say; you would need 10 to 30 counts of kegel exercise per day to notice a real improvement in your vagina walls. So, follow these simple patterns to carry out kegel exercise to tighten your vagina:

How can I Use Kegel Exercise to Tighten my Vagina?

(a) If you are sitting on a chair/marble, try to tighten your pelvic muscles as if you’re lifting the marble upwards. Try it for three seconds at a time, then relax for a count of one to ten.

(b) If you are in the bathroom trying to pass out urine, then, try to stop the process and hold it for a few seconds. You can count 1-10 while seizing the urine and then release yourself and pee. Again, hold yourself for a while and count another 1-10 or 1-15. And then free yourself again. You can do it 3-4 times daily whenever you are in the process of passing out urine. This process helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. And it’s also known as Kegel Exercise.

(c) You need to contract the muscles in your vagina. You can do this by emptying your bladder, then sit or lie down comfortably with your back on the floor. Then, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, and hold them for a few seconds before you relax them. By following these three processes, you can regain tightness in your vagina.

Here is The Best Method To Tighten Your Vagina Fast!

Now, let’s be realistic, although Kegel exercise is simple and helpful to the vagina’s health. Not every woman will have the time and patience to engage in it. You would need to wait for at least 3-6 months to notice any meaningful changes in your vagina when you carry out kegel exercise as recommended above.

But, we understand most women are busy; – taking care of kids, go to work, and return home to do domestic works. Therefore, we recommend the use of Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise kit to tighten your vagina. This is like a semi-automated process that can help women complete kegel exercise when inserted into their vagina. You can read more about it on or Click Here to order one for yourself. 

Leg Raises Exercise for Women

How to tighten your vagina with leg exercise

How to tighten your vagina

Leg raises help to tighten your vagina muscles. Leg raises also help to strengthen the internal and external oblique muscles, as well as the abdominal muscle. You don’t need any special skills or explanations for this. You can do it while lying on your bed, on the floor, or chair. See the image above for explanations.

How to Practice Leg Raises: Start by lying on the floor on your back. Now, lift your legs without bending your knees, so that it is perpendicular to your body. Suspend your legs in the air for a few seconds. Make sure your legs are straight. Do at least 10-15 repetitions for about 20-30 minutes daily.

Squatting Exercise For Women

Tighten Loose vagina naturally

How to tighten vagina muscles through squatting exercise.

Squatting is not only good for your thighs and butt (bum-bum), but there are also several health benefits to squatting. It is also an excellent exercise to tighten your vagina walls. See the image on the right.

How to Practice Leg Raises: Begin by standing straight with your feet hip-width apart. Your neck, shoulders, and back should be aligned. Now, inhale and squat down by bending your knees and pushing back your butt. Your butt should be lower than your knees and knees should be in line with your feet. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then come back to the original position.

Repeat the process for about 10 times daily and do it for at least 30 minutes. You can interchange the exercises daily to make it interesting. You will experience great improvement and tightness in your vagina within 3-6 months. This will help you enjoy sexual intercourse as though you haven’t given birth to a child through your vagina.  Also, Read; How do I Know That I Have A Loose Vagina?

Myths About Loose Vagina, and How To Tight Your Vagina Fast

Can sex stretch the vagina? You see, the vagina is elastic. This means, it can stretch to accept things coming in, things like; the penis, or the going out of a baby during childbirth delivery, and the insertion of sex toys just to make the lady feel good and satisfied down there. I guess you understand what I mean? However, that stretch won’t take too long and your vagina will close back into shape soon. 

Unfortunately, your vagina might become slightly looser; – as you age, approach the menopause, or by giving birth to multiple children. Luckily, the muscles in and around the vaginal expand and contract, similar to a rubber band. This is good news for ladies that always worry about a slacked vagina.

Despite the beliefs of many people, there’s no such thing as a “loose” vagina. Your vagina may change over time due to age and childbirth, but it won’t lose its elasticity permanently and it certainly won’t become permanently out of shape except for the negative effect that might result from vagina surgery (Vaginoplasty). 

It has been proven that the term “Loose Vagina” is used to target ladies that are believed to be sexually active with more than one man. But the truth is, Vagina looseness is more of a mindset and body stature.

Although we can not prove it scientifically, there are reports that women that are skinning are usually wider down there in their vagina compared to fat ladies. To make the matter worse, a lot of people believe that frequent sexual intercourse can cause the vagina to become loose. But this is not true. 

Does Regular Sex  Really Makes a Vagina Loose?

Honestly, sex doesn’t make the vagina loose. If a woman sticks to one partner and has sex multiple times a day, compared to a lady who has two or more partners but has sexual intercourse in a few days per week. The one having multiple partners is believed to have a loose vagina. Again, that is a myth that needed to be cleared off your mind. Because a ‘loose’ vagina isn’t used to describe a woman who has a lot of sex with her partner. It’s primarily accustomed to describe women that have had sex with more than one man.

Whatever might be the case, the amount of sexual intercourse does not make the vagina loose. After all, penetration will not make the vagina to stretch out or slack permanently. There are only two factors that are believed to affect the shape of the vagina permanently. They are; Age and Multiple childbirth. Yet, you can tighten your vagina following the methods and products we recommend.

What Causes My vagina to Become Lose?

There are only two things can affect your vagina’s elasticity: Age and Childbirth. Having sex frequently won’t cause your vulva to stretch out shape permanently. Over time, childbirth and age may cause the shape and tightness of the vagina to change. As a woman, you may begin to see changes in your vagina’s elasticity starting from age 40.

But there are cases where it happens faster than this. Also, young ladies in their 20’s may experience vagina looseness due to complications and lack of vaginal (feminine) hygiene. As you age, your estrogen levels will begin to drop. This is a sign that you are close to the Perimenopausal stage.

Also, childbirth and improper childbirth spacing may cause the vagina to become loose. For example, giving birth to 3 kids in a space of 3-4 years is not healthy to keep the vagina walls strong. As a lady, you might notice that your vagina has become slightly loosed after childbirth delivery. As a woman, you may need to sit over a bowl of hot water or follow other traditional/home remedies to tighten your vagina after childbirth delivery.

Also Read: The Gynecologist Approved Solutions For Vaginal Dryness!

Soon your vagina will regain its tightness over time, and return to its original shape. But there are few exceptions to this. If there was a cut in your vagina or anal during childbirth (episiotomy), it may take a longer time for the wound to heal. Additionally, you may need a surgical operation to tighten your vagina. See below for details.

Vaginoplasty: Tighten Your Vagina Via Surgery

There is a surgery referred to as Vaginoplasty, which had been proven to be an excellent process that helps tighten your vaginal muscles, and to restore the appearance of the female genital area. It should be noted that this is not a risk-free surgery and may result in complications such as; bleeding, infection, incontinence, reduced sensation, and scarring. You may also have pain and soreness for a few days after the surgery.

Therefore, during the recovery period, you should avoid strenuous physical activities and sexual activity for some weeks or months, in other to allow the wounds to heal quickly and permanently to avoid complications in the future. You may also need to visit your doctor often for proper checkup.

Besides, vaginoplasty is an expensive option and can put a hole in your pocket if you are not financially buoyant. – Because it is not truly cheap for the low-income class. Finally, let’s make our final observations, suggestions, and recommendations.


It’s important to note that; just as we have different body shapes, so it is for the vagina as well. Some women have thick and strong muscles around their vagina, while others have flat muscles in their vagina walls. Also, some women’s vagina is naturally more slack and wider than others which is a genetic factor.

But no matter what happens, self-confidence and high esteem together with your beauty are what men (the opposite sex) see before your vagina. Therefore, dress smart, be courageous, be attractive, use the simple exercises to strengthen and tighten your vagina, and finally practice feminine hygiene.

There are several feminine care products and exercises that can help you regain confidence down there, and tighten your vagina fast. Note, it’s terrible to smell terribly in your vagina. Don’t be weird, clean yourself, spend little money to take care of your vagina.

Your beauty doesn’t end by rubbing expensive makeup on your face, while your vagina smells fishy or something like a rotten egg. A lot of ladies wouldn’t like this concluding part of this article, but I am here to tell you the truth. You need to tighten your vagina to make sex enjoyable with your partner. Visit our Facebook Page to see the list of Feminine products to tighten your vagina. I will see you inside.

If you have enjoyed reading this post, go ahead and share it, also like our page on Facebook and subscribe to our email list. Thanks for reading. I will see you on the inside. I will be glad to hear your success story because you have just leared new tips to tighen your vagina naturally Overnight.

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